You’re My Everything: God, and the Robert Glasper Experiment

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You’re the air that I breathe, my universe.  The water I need when I’m in thirst.  As long as I live I’ll put you first; you’re my everything.  Said I never believed I’d feel this way, couldn’t conceive there’d come a day.  Love you until I fade away; you’re my everything.


Most would probably hear the lyrics from “You’re My Everything” and attribute it to someone they love very deeply.  That’s the natural reaction, because we are human.  Who doesn’t hear songs that remind you of a current love or a love that once was?  I know I do it all the time.  However, it was something about this song, lyrics and arrangement that reminded me of a love much deeper; the love of the Most High.  My Creator.  All “amen’s” and “hallelujah’s” aside, nothing can compare to having an intimate relationship with God.  No love that every man on this earth worked together to fashion, would come close to the love that He has for us.  Color me crazy; I hear songs like this often and reflect on his obvious love for me.  I may not have material wealth, but I am rich in his love and peace.  I wish others would take the time to get to really know him, for reasons outside of being afraid of hell-fire and eternal damnation.  That way, others could share the feelings that I do when I hear songs such as this, as they drift off in reflection of the places that He has taken them throughout this journey called life.  I’m one of those weirdos who believe I can feel love through music.  I always say that you can’t truly know how to love another until you love yourself first.  I will take that a bit further and say you can’t understand truly how to love yourself, until you know the love of the Creator first.  Once you experience it, you will never want to go without it.

This is one reason why I will never believe that all “secular” music is of the devil.  We seriously give the devil too much credit.  Although some say he was over the music department in heaven (which I have yet to find a scripture saying this exactly), he is still a created being.  Meaning, everything that he had, pipes and timbrels included, were given to him by the Creator.  Let that marinate in your head for a minute.  I feel like saying things such as “all music outside of gospel is of the devil” puts God in a box, which is a bit unreasonable if you ask me.  In a way, it insinuates that the devil created music.  This gets into a completely different conversation, so I will stop while I have it in me to 🙂

God can show up wherever he so pleases (as my sister pointed out he made himself plain in the second verse of this song), not just over soulful gospel tracks with dominant vocals (although that music does have a very important place).  There are at times that I listen to music outside of the gospel genre and within, and wonder how people can doubt He exists.  That’s just me though.  Songs like this, and many others solidify that belief for me.



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