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The more I watch shows on television, the more I see ignorant stereotypes of the Black community via mass media, I get angry. Angrier. The state of the Black community (the World) seems to be shadowed by an evil presence that grows by the minute. The Christian killings in Mosul, the killing of Michael Brown, and the killing of Renisha McBride to name a few, are instances that are becoming more occurrent as the days go by. After the great accomplishments during The Civil Rights Movement, it seems that there is still so much more to be obtained, but how do you come together as a community in a time of life where emphasis is only focused on ‘individual preservation’? Today’s time is all about me, myself, and I…it is no longer about community. About US. Only in times of despair do we come together while the cameras role to catch the intensity of rage that we have every right to feel, to express. But who stays after the fire has been put out, after the processional, the initial shock?


I remember every time someone passes, the elders always say it’s when all the family and friends go home, when the home-going service is over, when the bereaved are all alone, that is the time that is the hardest. Who continues to work  towards solutions for top news headliners when they aren’t headliners anymore? The reason I ask is simple: If we were proactive in our approach to life, could we limit the amount of chaos that’s unleashed on the world daily? I understand that we can only do so much, but have we really been putting in an effort to secure the world that our children, one day children, children’s children will live in? Or are we just concerned with tangible items like lavish housing, expensive cars, beautiful accessories, etc…? I do not believe there is something wrong with those desires, but when you have enough resources to give back, why don’t we? Or why do we exploit ourselves to obtain said resources. Tonight, my spirit was encouraged watching #365BlackAwards that McDonald ‘s hosted in New Orleans. Oh how I wished it was longer highlighting more young entrepreneurs, but it was still encouraging. Watching the youth take a stand to give back to the community was indescribable. I say that because rarely do you see in the news young Black adults being praised/recognized for their accomplishments. Mostly they show us in criminal, minstrel, and exploitive lightings. The theme that reached me the most tonight was ‘entrepreneurship’.


Being a current worker bee to corporate America, I can honestly say that I have no desire to be a part of it much longer. I work for a company within Human Resources. The calls I receive from employers are saddening. How a company pays lower than the average mean for positions and raises costs on healthcare for their employees, then expects the employees to pay for the healthcare or face penalization is sickening, especially when there is nothing you can do about it. But what is more sickening is being around people who could care less. It’s cool to say that you’re frustrated or angry, but what action is put behind your words? Then after the frustration, anger, and emotional depression from not giving back to the community like I desire to, and after many conversations with my sister and co author of this site, ‘entrepreneurship’ rings so clear in my mind. I began to think that maybe we care about our community, our brothers and sisters all over the world, but are held hostage to the almighty dollar. Working in corporate America, when paid less than your worth, you take whatever you can, however you can. When you realize that the hourly wages are not meeting your needs, you work overtime, taking away time from friends, family, community, purpose. Then years go by and you realize that your whole entire existence involved you clocking in and clocking out…for the almighty dollar. A friend told me that no one on their death bed talks about their jobs. They talked about family, friends, love, and the other intangibles of life, yet we sacrifice so much for the almighty dollar, gifts that we cannot get back. Time. But how much wasted time does it take to realize that we have to do more? For me, it’s been 1 year, and 2 months to be exact.


I have come to the conclusion that mediocre living is not enough. I crave purpose. You can live life doing the bare minimum to get by (which is acceptable to so many people) or you can position yourself to do more than you thought you ever could. I have been applying for jobs for SOOOOOO long and have gotten nothing. Then I had a thought: Maybe God does not want me going to a position that will result in lack of care for the betterment of self and community. You see, when most people are comfortable, they have no need/desire to give back. Why would they when everything has gone their way their entire life? When they have had nothing to fight for? But going through really makes you sensitive to the needs of the people around you. Even those brothers and sisters all over the world. It releases an image that this life is not just about you. It is about your future children, their children, and the lives that each of them are destined to make a difference in. It could be your purpose that changes the policy in our nation, that shifts equality amongst all races, that prevents the tragedies that we are seeing regularly,  in our neighborhoods, the news, in entertainment. We all have gifts, business ideas, and purpose, and there are people waiting on you to step out on faith to fulfill that purpose. Do not allow fear, or your perception of lack of support prevent you from making a difference in someone’s life via your purpose.


When I die, I don’t care if people say, oh she could sing, she was pretty, etc. What I care about is them saying she committed her gifts to the betterment of society. She truly made a difference. Living off of the praise of people is basic, and basic living will have you forever on a roller-coaster ride. I encourage myself and whoever reads this to look within yourself. If you are not following your purpose, pray and seek direction. Take action tonight. The sun does not have to be out to prepare for your destiny. Even in the darkest hours change is constantly evolving. Do not allow the almighty dollar to keep you hostage to a 9-5. Follow your purpose. The money will come. I’d rather live in purpose and deal with the troubles that come with that than to be chained to a place that only cares about multiplying the almighty dollar and subtracting time from your life that could be added to your purpose. Be great. Do great. Think great. Feel great.

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