Women’s Empowerment Month w/ Up 4 Discussion: Part 2

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Part 2 of Loving Yourself by First Loving HIM by Stacy


I have struggled with this ‘love yourself’ concept for most of my adult life. I have allowed the hurts of the past, the opinions of others, along with insecurities that led to me comparing myself to those around me, resulting in the feeling of me always lacking, never being enough. I would always look at other women and ask myself, ‘Why couldn’t I have looked that way?’ or ‘Why can’t people accept me the way I perceive others accepting them?’.

I was raised in the church, but truly didn’t begin developing a personal relationship with Christ until I was a sophomore in college. Although I still today struggle with doubting myself, I can look back and be a witness as to how each struggle that I was brought out of brought me closer to knowing who He actually is and to a place of appreciation of who I am.

When I began working on my relationship with God, I condemned myself, thinking that there was no way someone could love me after the choices I made…but God! There is literally no way that I could be blessed by writing you on today if it wasn’t for the unconditional love of Christ…………………………………


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Loving Yourself by First Loving HIM (Part 2)


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