Women’s Empowerment Month w/ Up 4 Discussion: Part 1

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This post is a part of Women’s Empowerment Month on Up 4 Discussion, a blog founded by Jay Mayo.  Jay is an awesome man of God, who inspires change in the lives of others.  We would like to thank Jay for inviting us to contribute to his site.  Be sure to check out Part 2 tomorrow!  


From Kenya:

I have to repent for recklessly feeding my flesh, in more ways than one.”  I saw this on my Twitter timeline in a tweet from Nina Brewton @baldheadqueen, as one of her many inspirational tweets sent out to give her followers life.  I don’t know why, but this one resonated with me strongly; this particular tweet assaulted my very being.   I feel like God had been dealing with me about taking care of physical being in more ways than one.  Sure, I have worked out before, lost weight, went on many different diets and programs, but none of them were consistent.  I feel like I was focused more on results, than making a lifestyle change.  Each time, I’d fall back into the same patterns of inconsistency and recklessness and it showed up in many ways.  I was tired, sluggish, didn’t feel as good about myself…I’d feed my body and spirit with food that would take away from me rather than nourish me.  Over the last few months, I knew there had to be a change, and seeing this tweet, amongst other things, made this plainer.


Read the rest at Up 4 Discussion by clicking the link below!

Loving Yourself by First Loving HIM (Part 1)

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