His Thought Process is Really Nice: Geno Young’s Honeydew

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“She was honeydew, kissed by the sun and beautiful. She was strangely odd and tranquil, alone in a crowded room.”










When I first heard that line, I was like yaaaaassssss he’s singing about ME! Geno Young’s Honeydew from album Ghetto Symphony is beyond amazing. I love his approach to this, ‘angel shining among mere mortals.’ It made me think of how men approach us women these days. How often does  a man come to you with such intellectual seduction?!He not only addresses the physical attraction that is of course immediate when meeting someone for the first time, but he also mentions the attraction Honeydew has to his thought process. In this new day and age, we often skip over mental stimulation and jump straight to physical fulfillment. Now of course, physical attraction is important, but isn’t everything. In the words of my other boo Musiq Soulchild,

“I think beauty’s over-rated, cause that’s something anyone could be. Attraction now that’s something different, and thankfully you’re both to me.”

Looks fade, therefore physical attraction fades, so if you’re going to be with someone why not be with someone who makes you laugh, smile, and creates a space to where you are encouraged to be yourself? You can only pretend to be interested in someone with whom you really don’t share a genuine connection with but for so long. I’ve heard both men and women say that the only reason they are with someone is because they look good, and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t put up with half the mess they do. Why lower yourself to being mistreated based off of an appearance, or even a status? So many people have ridiculous standards when it comes to dating/marriage. Whether it is wealth, looks, whatever, they end up dealing with mess that in the end damages who they really are.

Point being, have your standards, (PLEASE DO), but understand looks aren’t everything. Someone who challenges you  both mentally and spiritually (in a good way) is someone to consider spending time with. Spend time asking questions that continue deep & intriguing conversation and away from tempting physical fulfillment (DON’T FALL IN THAT TRAP!). I believe the majority of people will agree that truly falling in love wasn’t really the result of a physical attraction, but more so an unexplainable connection that was shared between the two, the ‘this person gets me‘ connection.

In the end, be open minded to a real connection. They might not be Geno Young fine (cause he fine, lol), but I guarantee you who they are collectively (looks, character, etc…) will be more than you could have ever asked for.


So what do you think? What is important to you in dating with a purpose? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also check out the song Honeydew below!



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