Synthesized Symphony – Rudy Love Jr.

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Synthesized Symphony is the first studio album from Rudy Love Jr., an artist, songwriter and musician from Wichita, KS.  Rudy is no stranger to musicianship, as he hails from a family whose musical talent is known of nation-wide.  His father Rudy Love Sr. made waves with the family band The Love Family with hits such as “Does Your Mama Know,” which was sampled in the song “Sweet” from Jay-Z’s American Gangster album.  Affectionately known to his family as “Little Rudy,” Jr. has made big moves in his own career now working and performing in the Los Angeles area.

Rudy is probably one of the most talented song-writers I know of.  This is made very evident throughout his solo album.  The album starts off with its namesake, “Synthesized Symphony.”  This is probably one of my favorite tracks from the album.  It starts off as somewhat whimsical, takes a bit of a callused turn at the mid-point, and then ends with the soul/funk sound that his family is known for.  The song’s composition and smooth transitions is why I love it as much as I do; I hate it ended so soon!

Rudy and his band has a little fun with the next track, “Like She Can,” which continues the sound of soul/funk mixed with a bit of alternative.  The lyrics of this song take the listener on a strange journey as it talks about an atypical love triangle.  Songs like “Jane Doe,” “Moksha,” and my favorite, “Hurricane” really display his talents as a song-writer as he sings tales of relationships and navigating through life’s troubles.

This really is a solid project that gets regular rotation around my parts.  I honestly can’t think of even one bad track on this album.  The best part about it is, right now it is FREE.99!  Can’t beat good music that is LEGIT free these days.  Check it out at and enter code (1qw32h2h) at the top right of the page to download.  Enjoy!


Synthesized Symphony” from the album Synthesized Symphony by Rudy Love Jr:  


Like She Can” from the album Synthesized Symphony by Rudy Love Jr:  


Moksha” from the album Synthesized Symphony by Rudy Love Jr:  


Misery” from the album Synthesized Symphony by Rudy Love Jr:  

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