For My Sisters: “Who Am I?”

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I wrote this one back in 2010.  I’m also trying to find my passion for poetry again, and this is one that surely lights that fire.  As I think about how African American women are portrayed, attacked, and what we even embrace at times……… always helps to have a reminder of exactly who we are.  Let’s take that throne back 🙂

I was once a queen; ruler of many things.

Body covered with gold, rubies, TRUE finer things.

Mind filled with knowledge, connected to the ALMIGHTY being.

Skin, black, brown, beige, cream,

beauty, strength, power was the definition of me.

Supporter to my king, ruler of kingdoms further than I could see,

Mother of civilization, the MOST HIGH appointed me.

Don’t believe me, read and dig deeper.

They came like the grim reaper

stole, kill, and buried like a crypt keeper.

All of the things that showed my greatness

so none of you would remember.

Where am I now you ask?

Well it isn’t hard to see.

In your latest rap video,

or on the corner of Broadway street.

I’m raising fatherless children, steadily producing more,

pimping my temple for Prada, coke and 24s.

Disrespecting my sister, killing the pride of my brother,

murdering dreams of my children,

while internally I suffer.

Suffering because I’m lost, I don’t know my way

I don’t know who I am

I don’t know from where I came.

Knowing I feel something greater,

how can I let it out,

when sex, money and drugs

is all I hear about?

My legacy has been stolen, for such a small cost,

wonder when I’ll realize,

my royalty was never lost.

It lies inside.


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