Raheem DeVaughn: The Love Experience

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It was July of 2007, and I was on my way to the Jersey shore with a few friends of mine from Philly.  In between the laughs and conversations that us women at times share, the sounds coming through the speakers would incite questions such as “Who is that,” and “What’s the name of that song?”  Breeze blowing our hair everywhere, stunna’ shades on, good conversation and good music on the way to the beach…….it couldn’t get any better.  So I thought.  The driver then proceeded to put in another album and the words “Welcome to the Love Experience” were spoken followed by a soulful track mixed with a street edge to it.  Whoever the artist was, he had my attention.  I asked my questions, and found out I was listening to The Love Experience, the first album from a cat named Raheem DeVaughn out of Maryland.  Track after track, that first listen took me to so many different places without me even leaving the back seat of that car.  We played the whole album until we got to our destination, and again on the way back.  I guess you can say that I indeed experienced love through that album; I became an instant fan (although a late one).


The album begins with an intro welcoming listeners to the journey Raheem will take them through, then starts with the self-titled track that talks about experiencing love through many different avenues.  The album follows with songs like “Guess Who Loves You More,” and my personal favorite “Where I Stand.”  I swear the following lyric gets me every time:  “To watch you fly away like doves do would crush me; I need you.”  The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint with songs like “Ask Yourself,” “Believe,” “You” and “Is It Possible.”  This has to be one of my favorite albums of all time…………..ALL TIME 🙂  I love it because I feel it has something that can easily appeal to everyone.  If for some reason you live under a rock and haven’t checked it out, get your life and experience Love immediately.  I’m serious.


SN:  I write this as I’m sitting here checking out Raheem’s new album “A Place Called Love Land.”  As I said before, after The Love Experience I became an instant fan, purchasing almost every release after that one.  Albums such as Love Behind The Melody, The Love & War Masterpiece, and countless mixtapes definitely don’t disappoint.  I’m very much excited to see what this new one has in store.  I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on when this journey for me began.  


If you are an avid listener, when did you first “Experience Love?”  What’ is your favorite track on the album?  Heck, what is your favorite Raheem DeVaughn album?  Talk to me!


The Love Experience:


Live Recording of Where I Stand:

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