Nothing But Net – “Nets” by Randy Burns

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One of today’s Music Monday post is actually exciting, because I haven’t heard much from this artist musically in a while. He dropped “Nets” back in November and opened with the line:

“I made mistakes, bad mistakes, I tasted the bitterness, it’s a nasty taste.  But nevertheless, never settle for less.  Tell my haters I love ’em, tell the devil I’m BLESSED.”

The opening line had so much aggression and carried the energy of someone who was committed to reaching success against all odds; I love that kind of energy.  I can see this is one of my Monday musical inspirations, as well as a song in my workout playlist.  I was more than eager to see what was up with Randy and share Nets with our readers.

Randy and I go back to my Wichita State days where he was a shooting guard under the leadership of Coach Mark Turgeon.  The Houston, Texas native was no stranger to success as a Shocker Basketball player, winning the MVC freshman of the year award his first year (Source) so the title of this song makes sense.  Also, as long as I’ve known Randy he has also had musical talent that carries the spirit of H-Town rap music we all know and love.  Back in college, Randy had a song titled “Man of Your Dreams” that stayed in rotation in my little red Hyundai that me and my friends would sing and rap along to.  However, it is 2014 and it seems as if Randy is ready to devote time to his musical passions while giving an ode to his athletic ones.  Let’s take a listen:



Keep up with Randy and his crew over at Underground Heaven, and don’t forget to support Nets!

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