Final 2016 Election Commentary: You’ve Been Warned

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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America.  Although many are understandably angry and upset, this is the current reality.  This is my last post about the election situation and I’m done, because it doesn’t serve me to keep yapping about it. However I feel compelled, maybe ever Spirit led to say something.  What I have to say has nothing to do with Trump or the election really, but with the actions of the people.  I want us all to make it, and I believe we still can.  Over the last 8 years, you’ve been comfortable. Complacent. We didn’t think about the fact Obama would actually leave office. We got caught up in the first lady slaying, him being likeable, and all the things he did for the country. But, did you take advantage?
I’ve had so many conversations with people over the last few days about the situation, and have come to the conclusion that I’m not taking this laying on my back. I think, we have about a 2 year opportunity to get our affairs in order personally, so we don’t have to depend on this system completely.  Over the last 8 years, as my friend Christopher Miller so eloquently stated, we’ve had the programs in place to fix our credit, own homes for the first time, go to school, etc. It hasn’t been perfect but it’s been there. Yet, most of us being complacent, not even happy, lived in our fear, our entertainment stupor, and didn’t take advantage of it. You didn’t educate yourself. Don’t be like the Lord says in his word, and perish because your lack of knowledge.
Like I said before, time to stop talking and I am talking to myself. As my sister Lashaye Muse told me this morning, we have to get out of a consumer mindset and get some dog in us. We buy a bunch of stuff that doesn’t serve us, and work hard daily to maintain the stuff. The big homes, cars, clothes, etc. New cars come out every year and we stress ourselves, leave our families EVERY DAY to get and maintain things that do not nurture us. What’s going to happen when things hit the fan and you haven’t prepared yourself?  Your “stuff” isn’t going to save you.
I’m talking to family, friends, whoever. Get your heads out of the clouds. Stop using “oh God will handle it, I’m going to pray about it” as an excuse to really not even pray, but to do nothing. I’m not coming against the power of prayer; I am a FIRM believer of warring in the spirit. However, sometimes God will give us the blueprint, and require US to MOVE and do something, not wait for it to fall out the sky for us.  Pray, then LISTEN to what God is telling you to DO.  People will sit on money just to have it, and not invest it in making their situation better. Addicted to the struggle. I don’t have it all together, I struggle as well but one thing, I want to put things in order so I don’t have to and I do not care who criticizes or doesn’t support me. At least I tried. Especially if things get worse. We might not even have things like social security, disability, section 8, retirement income etc. anymore. What you gonna do then? What will you about your parents or elders who depend on these programs?  Stop using your income tax refunds for bs and use it to build yourself.  Invest it.  Stop trying to look a certain way when in the background your life is falling apart.  
Two years. Make the steps. Start the business. Get the degree. Organize politically so we don’t have to depend on this two-party system. Get your finances right. Or look up and be left in the dust. Stop being a consumer. Grow your own garden. Get in shape and eat right, so your body can be strong, and your mind clear.  Work together, bring community and family back. Everyone working to do something. Get your passports. Get out the trap. Do not say you weren’t warned. You have been GIVEN the game, PREPARE and use it.  Stop letting fear paralyze you into inaction.  I don’t fear Trump, I’m about to use the good years (because there will be) to try and get this SCHMONEY and help my people!  I don’t have all the answers, I don’t think any of us do.  But please, let’s vibrate higher and fight, strategically.  Our lives may very well depend on it.  

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