Day 4 of Kwanzaa – Ujamaa (Collective Economics)

0 Posted by - December 29, 2014 - By The Dawn's Early Light, Feature

By 2015, a few days away, the black buying power is expected to pass 1.1 TRILLION dollars. Let that marinate for a minute. And compared to others nationally we earn the least. We spend the most, while we become poorer. Start thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset again people, and start supporting businesses in your community. This disturbs me, because that passed a million, a billion, but says a trillion! Your dollar has more power than you think but it’s being used to make others rich but you. Other cultures will come set up in your community because they know you will spend. In the spirit of Ujaama today, let’s support black businesses or seriously come up with a plan to develop your own!‪#‎kwanzaa‬



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