Living BAD



When a person, place or thing is described as being “bad,” there can be many reasons for that description.  The literal definition of bad is “of poor quality; inferior or defective.”  It can also mean “not such as to be hoped for or desired; unpleasant or unwelcome.”  Well clearly no one wants to be THAT kind of bad right? In popular culture today, the word bad has taken a new twist.  Either the subject of description is something that goes against the norm; they write their own rules.  Or, the subject is strong, serious, and not to be messed with.  “Bad” can even describe ones physical looks.  For example, when a person is described as bad this means that he/she is attractive, in shape, looks put together, or resembles a bag of money. They may have it all together; they work hard and play hard too.  They have the highly coveted job, a nice car, and the finest clothes.   Today, being “bad” is something to be desired.


All of these new descriptions sound good; we all think we are bad at some point according to these things.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that either.  However, there is one small problem; all of these definitions focus on the surface of the person.  They focus on what a person has or does, instead of who that person is at the core.  I don’t know about you, but if we are giving the word “bad” a makeover, I want it to mean something more.  I want that meaning to encompass me as a whole.  I could lose my job, and something can happen to my appearance.  Am I undeserving of being labeled as “bad” because of circumstances beyond my control?


The aim of Living B.A.D. is to take “bad” a little deeper.  We want to focus on living a life beyond external circumstances.  We want to focus on having life as promised, and having it more abundantly.  In order to truly have an abundant life regardless of what life may look like on the outside, you have to start with you.  Not the dressed up, labeled down you; the you that God created.  Someone can be dressed on the outside, all while being a hot mess on the inside.  Matter of fact, that’s why so many people give more value to what they have than who they are.  They either don’t know themselves, don’t like who they are, or don’t value themselves.  We want to address it all, so that when we take the extra off at the end of the day we are still the same person.  As we share who we are and what we love, we pray that we inspire you to do the same for yourselves.  We want to inspire you through our experiences, stories, triumphs and yes our failures.    You were PROMISED an abundant life full of things like joy, peace, and everlasting love.  Let’s go get it 🙂



Live your life, and live it Beyond Abundance Daily! (John 10:10)