Happy 1 Year Anniversary Living B.A.D.!!!!

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It has been a year!  I didn’t know what to expect when LaShaye and I decided to launch Living B.A.D.  All I knew is that we had a story that needed to be told and shared with whomever God wanted it to be shared with.  Since then we have almost 300 readers, and have shared things from our personal stories to our battles with natural hair.  It may not seem big to some but it means a lot to me.  Even if we only reached 10, I’d feel like we have done well.  The fact that we are still here willing to grow as writers, bloggers, musicians, and whatever else God has put in us speaks volumes to me.  As my son once told me when I was telling him to hurry into the house, “slow and steady wins the race.”

As sisters, we met this day 3 years ago.  If you are unfamiliar with our story, please feel free to catch up here.  Since then, I feel like I have the sister I’ve always been missing.  We talk frequently, pray together, and I feel like I can trust her with anything.  I’ve witnessed her grow and overcome so many things within that time period, and am truly looking forward to what God has for her in the near future.  She is an amazing friend, aunt, and support system.  I’m truly blown away by what God has done between us two.

There are many things I want to see us do in this next year.  For Living B.A.D., I’d like to see us continue to share relevant content and reach more people.  I’d also like to start doing Podcasts and Vlogs.  For the sisters?  I’d like to witness the responses my sister gets from sharing her gift as an artist through singing and song-writing.  She is truly B.A.D. at what she does!  For myself, I’d like to finalize my personal business plan and get it off the ground, and maybe even put out a book or two.  The sky is the limit.

I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged us and supported us thus far.  It means so much to us both.  I’d like to thank Jay Mayo from Up4Discussion for allowing us to join him as a guest during a podcast for his blog as well.  This is truly the beginning, and I’m ready for God to shock us with what is next!  Thanks for supporting us this year and many more years to come.


LaShaye (Stacy):

One entire year! A year from today my sister Kenya and I decided to create Living B.A.D. in hopes to inspire people through our story, and we have accomplished that. Throughout this time we have both grown collectively and individually. The responses from our initial posts were a blessing and overwhelming. So many people have been in our place, but not so many people share the same ending. We are forever grateful that we can touch so many lives.

I remember when I first spoke with Kenya. It was 3 years ago today, and I had no clue what to expect but I can say that it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. During the time we met to now, we have both been through our share of pain, and are still healing from past wounds, but through Living B.A.D. we have been able to share our stories with our readers, and in return, inspire change and healing in those lives we touch.

From heartbreak to the tom foolery at work, we have both experienced them and at the same time! It has been a blessing to have her to talk to, cry with, laugh with, and turn up (in the most classy of ways, lol) with. The woman my sister is is who I aspire to be. For those of you who’ve known my sister longer than I have, you are truly blessed, and I am glad to finally be in that number. She is beautiful inside and out, intelligent, and all out amazing. In my insecurities, she has taught me to trust God and love myself, truly. She knows this, but a great deal of who I am today is because of her encouragement.

So with the growth that we experience, we are elated for the growth of Living B.A.D.! Kenya mentioned us updating the site, so get ready for a new look! Kenya mentions other new additions that will be made in the Living B.A.D. community. For me, my goal is to be more interactive with the readers. We want to know what you think! So if you see a post that interests you, or even one you disagree with, leave a comment! We’d love to dialogue with you! For people who know, I am an artist currently based out of Oklahoma. I am working on a demo and will hopefully have that out to you Jan-Feb of 2015. I have to thank my sister again for the encouragement for this because fear has been a big part of my not following through with this project. My motto has now been if reaches just one, the battle’s won (MESSAGE!). My sister on the other hand is a beast writer, and is working on a book! She has other business ventures (she can sing too, but she won’t admit it)  that I am excited about so be on the look out!

In closing, thank you to our parents, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and readers who continue to support us! The season is changing and we can’t wait to see what this next season brings! Blessings!



  • Jose M. Wilson October 26, 2014 - 8:02 pm Reply

    When I grow up as a writer I want to be like Kenya and Lashaye! To the world who have the opportunities to meet them through Living B.A.D., what a blessing! Congratulations on your first year; on your personal connection and growth; on your passion to share your stories to bless others; on your desire to above all, please The Lord in how you chose to live your lives; and on being tomorrows leaders today! Much love. JMW

  • Barbara K Reeves October 26, 2014 - 10:30 pm Reply

    Stacy. I always told you you you were a beautiful girl. You are beautiful inside & outside. Now I see you believe that. I’m so proud of you
    I love you. I know God is taking care of you. If your sister is anything like you she is a wonderful perso..
    God bless both of you.
    Aunt Kay.

  • Genia Island October 29, 2014 - 12:02 am Reply

    I never imagined that I a 45 year old woman would be so inspired by two beautiful young ladies and your story. I am the only child my mother birthed and I never had the opportunity to meet my father or siblings he has created in his present marriage. Because of this I knew that if I had children they would know both of their parents. But after reading your story a year ago it has directed me towards the steps of trying to locate my father with just 2 initials of his name and a common last name. I am doing this alone without the help of my Mother or anyone who knows of him, but it is not by choice. As of today I have not located him but I am determined that I will locate him someday with Prayer, patience and determination. Therefore, I will continue to search for him until I am successful or the Lord calls on me. You two lady’s have shown me that any and all things are possible. And I truly believe that “Slow and Steady WINS the race”. So from my heart ~ I say Thank You for the Inspiration! Your strength, ability to overcome obstacles and Gods grace gives me the power of forgiveness, motivation and determination to search for what I feel is missing that completes me.

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