#100DaysActive Challenge (LaShaye’)

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Hey everyone!  This process has been all of crazy, and I am really excited about the changes that have been made! I pray everyone else is doing well! I am no longer on Facebook, so to follow my progress you can find me on the good ole Instagram @lashayemuse!


These 10 days have been a challenge, BUT I really like the habits that I am creating and the old habits that I am breaking. Not only am I being active for 30 minutes per day, but I had to change my diet. Prior to this, my body was not feeling what I was feeding it (crap) so I would literally feel sick, but since I started eating healthier and adding exercise, I have been feeling a lot more energetic and my body has felt a lot better.

Here is what the first 10 days looked like for me:

Day 1 – Anowa Adjah Full Body Curve Down (1 hour)

Day 2 – Track with weights (30 min)

Day 3 – Anowa Adjah Full Body Curve Down (1 hour)

Day 4 – Yoga (30 min)

Day 5 – Jessica Smith TV Zumba (30 min)

Day 6 – Anowa Adjah Full Body Curve Down (1 hour)

Day 7 –Track with weights (30 min)

Day 8 – Jessica Smith TV Cardio Fat Burner (30 min)

Day 9 – Track with weights (30 min)

Day 10 – Anowa Adjah Full Body Curve Down (1 hour)

Being inactive for a while, my lower back would have this burning sensation while working out, but I press through it and it seemed to go away just fine. One thing I feel that I am going to invest in is a waist training corset. After doing a little research on it, I feel it would be somewhat beneficial for my abdominal area.

So far I have lost 2 pounds! I am excited to continue down this road for the remainder of the challenge as well as for the remainder of my life. My weight has been something that I struggled with for some time now, and I feel that mixing up the work outs instead of monotonous movement is something I can dedicate and commit to doing. I am really excited for everyone involved here! Let’s keep up the good work!


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