100 Days Active – Days 1-10 (Kenya)

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Hey everyone!  Can you believe it, we’ve made it 13 days into the 100 Days Active Challenge!  I’m excited about all the people who have been taking the challenge by storm.  For those who have yet to get started, it is never too late!  I wanted to update you on my progress so far for the first 10 days.  Feel free to check out our 100 Days Active – Living Bad group on Facebook for additional collaboration and support!


The first ten days for me has been great.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been a challenge.  There have been days where I wanted to sleep, put it off, however the challenge I took on says 100 days active, so I have to make sure to push it the full 100.  To make sure I don’t overwork myself, I switch things up and stretch a LOT.  Every day isn’t a high impact work out because there are literally no days off.  The idea of 100 Days Active is to do some sort of activity every day, for at least half an hour.  That doesn’t mean I have to do Boot Camp or Insanity work outs every day, there can be variety as long as I stick with a schedule.

Here is what the first 10 days looked like for me:

Day 1 – Slim Effect workout with Nike Training Club (30 min)

Day 2 – 3.23 miles on the treadmill (45 min)

Day 3 – eFit Pilates Workout on YouTube (30 min)

Day 4 – Zumba Live (45 min)

Day 5 – HIIT 30 Turbo Fire (30 min)

Day 6 – HIIT Cardio and Abs YouTube (30 min)

Day 7 – Yoga for Weight Loss (35 min)

Day 8 – Insanity Pure Cardio (38 min)

Day 9 – Full Action workout with Nike Training Club (30 min)

Day 10 – Stair Master, Treadmill, and Pilates (60 min)

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with some lower back pain so I will probably have to keep the high impact workouts that include a lot of jumping and bending to the minimum.  I keep an exaggerated arch in my lumbar spine which can cause irritation.  I sleep naturally on my stomach and it doesn’t help the arch especially if the surface I’m on is too hard.  To combat this I have to watch my posture, keep my core tight at all times especially when bending, sleep on my sides or back, and watch my activity until the irritation is gone.  I’m also thinking about getting a stability ball to sit on at work to help with my posture since I’m at a desk all day. I’ll also have to be extra mindful of what foods I’m eating, which I can admit I haven’t been too strict on this past 10 days.  I’ve lost 2 pounds which is great though!  We shall see what the next ten days bring!


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  • Jose M Wilson January 13, 2015 - 6:35 pm Reply

    I am very proud of your effort Kenya! Great stuff!

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